About Zeroin Staffing

Zeroin Staffing is a subsidiary of CHC Consulting, LLC.  Zeroin Staffing was founded by Chris Cook in 2011 after starting CHC Consulting, LLC in 2003.   Zeroin Staffing is a WBE Certified company and is authorized to provide a variety of services.  These services include:

Temporary Staffing
Contract to Hire Staffing
Permanent Staffing
Payroll Process Outsourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Zeroin Staffing is able to provide our payroll contractors the same benefits that our internal employees receive.  We care about the well-being of our workforce and strive to maintain high retention and satisfaction rates.  Typically, these benefits are not offered by staffing firms as it is not required by law.

Paid Time off
Life Insurance

Zeroin is a different kind of staffing agency.  Because of our parent company’s background is in Telecommunications and IT, we are able to go beyond simply looking between a job description and resume to attempt to match up key words.  We understand the qualities and differences that make up over 300 job titles in IT and Telecommunications because our recruiters have been trained by telecommunications managers.

At Zeroin, we are passionate about matching the right candidate to the right job role in an organized and effective fashion. Our amazing team and unique culture is what makes Zeroin Staffing the right company for you to do business with.