Chris Cook


ABOUT Chris Cook

I co-founded CHC Consulting with my mother, Sue Cook, in March 2003 and led the company from a 10-person start up to a full-service firm.  We provide engineering services to 60% of AT&T’s California market, as well as markets in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. In 2011, I decided it was time to start up a Staffing division of our house, and Zeroin was born. I believe this is what makes Zeroin different as a staffing agency. We are able to recruit in the Telecom, Engineering, and IT space because our recruiters have been trained by CHC Consulting managers who carry out the same tasks as the individuals that they place. We don’t just look at a job description and attempt to match up key words, we understand the type of background that will make people successful. This kind of knowledge dives into more than what any typical staffing agency will be able to do for a client.