Rae Sours


ABOUT Rae Sours

I am a Sonoma, CA native and moved to Southern California for college in San Diego. I was initially interested in the Staffing industry because of my Psychology degree. I have always felt that being able to listen, assess a situation, and offer varying routes of resolution comes naturally to me. This is a skill that I use when discussing new career paths with candidates, as well as discussing new business partnerships with potential clients. I believe in always remaining transparent because I want my contacts to know that I am being honest and forthcoming with them so they can feel comfortable in acting the same way with me.

At Zeroin, success for a candidate means success for a client which means success for us. Whether a company has 10 or 10,000 employees, every support role, manager, and director make up the vital organs that contribute to a company body as a whole. That is something that we never forget here at Zeroin. The overall success of a company is dependent on one thing – people. Talented, skilled employees are the reason that companies succeed and continue to improve their bottom line each and every year. Our promise at Zeroin is to deliver those candidates that will make a difference and contribute to your business in an impactful way.